Next Steps Employment Service team will work directly with participants to assist them with achieving success on their employment journey. Staff can provide help to referred (including self-referrals) participants, such as resume building, job search, job interview preparation and securing funding for upgrading/pursuing higher education.


  • Any person requiring assistance returning to the labour force.
  • This program offers both individual and group interventions.
  • Long term follow-up services to all participants completing any of the above training programs are available for an indefinite time period.


Referrals are accepted from the participants themselves, parole officers, probation officers, classification officers, social workers, counsellors and/or family members.   All participants are assessed through an interview process.

Next Steps- Employment Services Referral Form

Cognitive Restructuring-Based Group Interventions:

  • Integrated Correctional Program Model – Community Maintenance Program (ICPM-CMP)

Employability Skills Development:

  • Employment Services
  • Employment Support
  • Linkages Program
  • Other Services

Community Based Maintenance Program

The Integrated Correctional Program Model Community Maintenance Program (ICPM-CMP) is a continuous intake program (up to 12 weekly sessions) for federal offenders.  The program refreshes and reinforces key skills learned through ICPM either in the institution or in the community.  It also serves as a maintenance program for participants that have completed programs from the original suite of programs in the institution before the change to ICPM. This program is designed to help develop and improve self-management skills by concentrating on five personal targeted risk areas developed by the offender.

Employability Skills Development

Employment Services focuses on career self-exploration/personal evaluation, skills enhancement, and job maintenance skills.

Employment Support is offered to assist participants in securing job placements.  This last step of career development is often the most daunting and challenging for participants.  This service bridges a critical gap in a participant’s transition to independent, pro-social living by liaising with potential employers and participants through initial hiring and job maintenance.

Linkages Program ( St. John’s) which continues to be supported by Immigration, Population, Growth and Skills. Funding is provided for employment placements and supportive bi-weekly sessions.  This program provides an immense opportunity to our participants who are trying to enter the job market.

Other Services

  • Return to school applications
  • Free resume building
  • Tax filing assistance
  • Job skills training (where appropriate)
  • Print/fax services
  • Letters of support
  • Relevant community connection referrals