In Motion & Momentum+ (IM&M+) is an innovative action-oriented program that supports individuals at a pre-pre-employability stage of their careers. IM&M+ is a strengths-based program that provides experiences and opportunities for those who may have experienced repeated setbacks with traditional learning and/or work.  IM&M+ moves participants from feeling stuck to moving forward.


While we believe this program could benefit all kinds of people, it is ideally suited for someone who:

  • Has a feeling of being stuck or like they have been moving in a direction that is not right for them
  • Has a minimum of Grade 5 literacy level (About a CLB 5 or 6)
  • Has some stability with respect to:
    • addictions
    • health (physical/mental)
    • housing
    • food
    • finances


Referrals are accepted from the participants themselves, parole officers, probation officers, classification officers, social workers, counsellors and/or family members.   All participants are assessed through an interview process.

Program Description

MODULE 1: IN MOTION is a 3-week (3 days a week) module. This first part of the program is about helping participants to:

    • Create a vision for now and the future that is consistent with their personal life, realities and core values. Develop pre-pre employment skills such as:  communication, healthy interpersonal relationships, problem-solving, coping with stress, money management)
    • Practice setting realistic and meaningful goals connected to their needs and vision for the future
    • Explore possible roles and opportunities (work, learning, volunteer) that connect to self and have the potential to contribute to family/community

MODULE 2: MOMENTUM is a 4-week module (four days a week). This second part helps participants continue building on their vision and moving towards making it a reality.  It is also an opportunity for them to give back to their community.

MODULE 3: MOMENTUM+ is a six-week module (one day a week) that builds skills, motivation to take the next step, and hope for the future. It provides needed action planning support so that participants are actively supported and coached toward their work, learning and personal development goals.