Since 2020, What’s Been Happening at the Phoenix Garden Project at Her Majesty’s Penitentiary (HMP)

The HMP Phoenix Garden Project has accomplished some remarkable things since 2020, and the success of our work is largely due to the very generous donations we have received.  A really important partner in all of our work has been the John Howard Society-NL. The biggest news is that we installed a stunning 20-foot cedar greenhouse inside the walls of HMP, under the professional help from our friends–Scott and Kim Wilson from Sun Valley Greenhouses, It’s a really beautiful structure and has brought joy to HMP employees and participants in the program.  We have also built two raised beds outside the greenhouse and have had an outstanding harvest of carrots, potatoes, kale and strawberries in those.  Inside the greenhouse, we’ve grown tomatoes, lettuce, squash and some beautiful flowers and houseplants, and everything seems to be thriving.  It’s good to be outside in all kinds of weather, and the gardening project is very popular.  Over 100 participants have passed through the program and we’re excited about plans ahead.

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