West-Bridge House is a 14 bed gender diverse community residential center for adults on day parole, full parole, statutory release, a temporary release, or a probation order. We accept referrals from Correctional Service of Canada and the Provincial Department of Justice. All residents have to go through a review process by an Admissions Committee in order to be accepted into the House.

General Program Description

howard-houseWest-Bridge House provides a supportive and structured environment to facilitate individual re-integration into society following a period of incarceration.  West-Bridge House operates on a Responsibility Model with In-House Living Skills component and access to a wide variety of community services.  Residents are expected to use their time constructively by participating in programming and/or pursuing their educational or employment goals.  We have a full time counsellor who assists them in meeting this expectation and who provides necessary support through one on one individual counselling.  Those residents who require specialized intervention in such areas as addictions, family violence, or sexual behaviour will be referred to the appropriate programs, many of which are offered through the John Howard Society’s Community Based Intervention Program.  The process of community re-integration is fostered by providing residents with assistance in budgeting, housing, and employment searches.


Residents are required to comply with the conditions of their release, to follow house rules, maintain a positive attitude, and are expected to have a respectful relationship with staff and other residents of the House.


Staff Resources

  • House Director
  • House Counsellor
  • 3 Full time Residential Staff

  • Relief Workers
  • Volunteer Resources

The Admissions Committee is comprised of mostly volunteers who meet on a regular basis to consider potential residents to West Bridge House.

Other Notable Features

Each resident assists in the overall upkeep of West-Bridge House through daily and weekend chores.  The House is made up of four single, three double and one triple room which allows for a considerable level of individual privacy.